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Your company does business in the four countries n

Project Description:

Your company does business in the four countries noted below and maintains money market and marketable securities accounts at reputable banks in each country. Your firm has excess liquidity in the amount of $500,000 for 6 months and wishes to invest the funds overseas to earn excess return until the funds are needed in 6 months. The only stipulation is that your firm can invest no more than 50% of the funds in any one country. Using the data below:

1.Suggest a liquid investment strategy

2.Specify the expected percentage return on your liquid investment portfolio

3.Make comments you deem appropriate regarding the risks, uncertainties or advisability of the strategy you propose and why you proposed it Country United Kingdom Hong Kong Ireland New Zealand 6 Month Money Market Rate (%) 1.2 1.0 .6 2.8 Current Spot Rate (USD) 1.29 .128 1.10 .69 Expected 6 Month Spot Rate (USD) 1.27 .128 1.11 .67

Please can you find and calculate all three questions?

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