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This is an Operations Management assignment. Please ensure confidentiality. 1. Laboratory Testing (Process capability) The laboratory testing process for an intensive care unit is normally distributed with an average turnaround time of 36.5 minutes and a standard deviation of 9 minutes. The upper acceptable limit requested by the intensive care unit fo the laboratory testing process is 40 minutes. Q1.What is the upper capability measure of this laboratory testing process? Q2. Please explain your reasoning Q3.What is the probability that the turnaround time of the laboratory resting process is longer than its upper specification limit? Please provide a value between 0 and 1 Q4.The lab managers are interested in lowering variability of the lab testing to achieve a higher Upper Capability Measure. What should the standard deviation of the process need to be in order to double the Upper Capability Measure? Q5. Please explain your reasoning Q6. If, on the other hand, the lab managers were interested in reducing the probability of exceeding the upper specification limit by half, what would the standard deviation of the process need to be reduced to? Q7. Please explain your reasoning. 2. Aircraft manufacturing plant (Stock out probability) A aircraft manufacturing plant uses a large number of rivets called fasteners and assembling the fuselage of a plane. Many small teams of workers operate on different areas of the aircraft in parallel. Each team gets the fasteners it needs from its inventory holding car. Each team’s inventory holding car uses a two-bin system: each bin contains 250 units when full, and workers initially take any needed fasteners from the first bin. Immediately after the first bin is empties, a replenishment order for a new (full) bin is placed and the workers begin taking rivets from the second bin until emptied, etc. It takes exactly 3 hours for a replenishment order to arrive from the plant’s central supply room. Assuming: (a) Workers only work on one aircraft at a time (b) Demand of fasteners in different hours are independent from each other. Q1. If a team’s hourly demand during fuselage assembly is normally distributed with an average of 60 fasteners per hour and standard deviation of 30 fasteners per hour, what is the probability of a fastener stock out of that team during any replenishment/bin replacement cycle? Please provide a value between 0 and 1. Please explain your reasoning. Q2. Under the same demand assumptions (a) and (b), what is the minimum number of fasteners that a full bin should contain in order to keep the probability of a stock out during any replenishment/bin replacement cycle below 1%? Please explaining your reasoning.

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