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Healthcare: Socialism vs Capitalism Essay

Project Description:


Title and subject matter of paper: Health Care.

For this topic, the student is to research and develop a paper comparing and contrasting appropriately representative capitalist and socialist systems in our world.

The student must obviously choose at least one representative system of each type but may choose up to two representative systems of each type. 

The subject matter for this paper is to be: Health Care.

“Health care” should encompass both preventative care and medical treatments to help avoid and treat illnesses and injury.  Also consider prescription and over-the-counter drugs in the area of health care. Additionally, dental and vision care may be considered in your research.

The student is to examine how the principles of capitalism and socialism affect Health Care in the world in which we live.

The delivery, costs, quality, availability, and distribution of health care services are to be imbedded in the papers.

 A reflection on the socio-political issues surrounding each is to be imbedded in papers with the student’s conclusion including proposed solutions to existing economic practices.

The paper will be in APA style with a1500-2000 word body plus citation page. The student should use at least 6 citations in the paper from credible sources. The course textbooks may be used for three of the citations.


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